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M atterMax Media created and developed the Personal Branding and Marketing class workshops for DeKalb County Workforce Development contract.

These Personal Branding and Marketing workshops were taught twice a week for 52 weeks per year. While Personal Branding is an often overlooked discipline, it is nonetheless an integral part of the individual persona and makeup.

In our current corporate climate, it is imperative that HR departments as well as start ups understand how personal brands can either lift brand equity for an organization, or conversely impact a brand negatively.

Workshop attendees were presented with real life value statements of why personal brands matters, including resources, and skill sets necessary to develop a best practice personal brand.

The attendees were then taught how to market their personal brands via the various media outlets. The Personal Branding and Marketing Workshops were the best attended of all workshops and garnered excellent ratings from the DeKalb County Workforce Development staff as well as the attendees.
  • client : DeKalb County Workforce Development
  • skills : Curriculum Design, Teaching, Marketing and Reporting
  • date : 29/02/2016


MatterMax Media was chosen as the contract provider for teaching Personal Branding and Marketing classes for DeKalb County Workforce Development.

The contract requirements included the creation of the curriculum designed to teach veterans, dislocated workers, young adults, .