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C ommunity for Partnership Inc. needed an instructor to teach marketing, product pricing, marketing analysis and e-Commerce courses to round out their Micro Enterprise Training course offering in Decatur, GA.

MatterMax Media CEO, Cornelia Hicks, an MBA graduate from the .W. Olin Babson School of Business, the #1 rated Entrepreneurial Global Marketing institution in the United States, came highly recommended to Community for Partnership Inc. due to her successful history of teaching for DeKalb County Workforce Development.

Community for Partnership Inc. was extremely satisfied with Mrs. Hicks’ teaching efforts and was also highly praised. by the student attendees.
  • client : Partnership for Community Action Inc.
  • skills : Training, Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Product Pricing and Placement, E-Commerce
  • date : 29/02/2016


MatterMax Media’ Entrepreneurial Training Executive, Cornelia Hicks, was selected to teach the Micro Enterprise Training course offered by Partnership for Community Action, Inc.

Under the Micro Enterprise Training course classes, Cornelia taught Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Product Pricing, Promotion, and E-Commerce.