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T he Coakley Financial Group’ new website design called for screen responsive technology including a myraid of performance qualifications.

The site had to serve three distinct marketing targets. The primary target would be able to attract potential customers, while the second would be to serve as an online recruitment tool for attracting new sales representatives, or agents, and the third target would be to offer an online training tool for qualified new agents.

In addition, the site also had to contain videos, pdfs, and slide type presentations for the training area. Further, creative marketing statements, a tag line and copyrighting added to the complexity of the project’ overall scope.

. MatterMax Media designed a well appointed website for the Coakley Financial Group, and delivered it on time, tested, debugged and ready to go.

  • client : Coakley Financial Group
  • skills : Creative, Design, Graphics, Web Design, Copywriting, CMS
  • date : 29/02/2016
  • project url :


MatterMax Media was selected to build the Coakley Financial Group Website, with the marketing strategy aimed at serving both consumers and financial agent training.

The website challenge requirements were multifold in that it had to be screen responsive as well as being able to attract consumers as well as being able to recruit and train new agents.