project info

B aranco Lincoln Mercury (BLM) was one of the four dealerships under the Baranco Automotive Group umbrella, that required an individual marketing strategy.

Located in Duluth, GA, BLM was undergoing extreme sales challenges and needed to boost their sales, as BLM sales were last among all Lincoln Mercury dealerships in the Atlanta area.

MatterMax Media was chosen to create a strategy and a marketing campaign that would break through the clutter. and lift sales. The resulting ad campaign, “ Navigate the Curves ” which was comprised of television and radio spots, magazine and newspaper ads delivered outstanding rebranding notoriety as well as sales increases.

MatterMax Media provided the following for BLM:

  1. Demographic and Psychographic Analysis
  2. SUV Buying Analysis
  3. Media Automotive Analysis
  4. Campaign Tag Line Creation
  5. Broadcast Creative Collateral -
  6. Print Creative Collateral
  7. Ad Placement Recommendations
  8. Logo Redesign
  9. Ad and Spot Reconciliation
  • client : Baranco Automotive Group
  • skills : Media Analysis, Demographic and Psychographic Analysis, Creative, Print, Logo Design, Video Production, Television and Radio Spot Creation
  • date : 29/02/2016


As a result of MatterMax Media’ marketing and creative agency efforts, and on behalf of the media buying agency representing the Baranco Automotive Group, Baranco Lincoln Mercury sales surged to lead the Southeast Region.

In addition, the marketing and advertising collateral was in large part responsible for Baranco Lincoln Mercury winning the Lincoln Mercury Pebble Beach Challenge and emerged as the number one Lincoln Mercury dealer for the entire Southeast.